Being an American is a great thing and celebrating the Fourth of July is an American tradition that we all know and love.

But if you ever wanted to be "that guy" then here a few inconvienent truths that will ruin anyone's Independence Day...


  1. "America's pastime," baseball, was probably invented in England.
  2. So was apple pie.
  3. The tune of America's national anthem was based on a British drinking song.
  4. The Pledge of Allegiance was basically a gimmick to sell more flags.
  5. Canadians own the Mall of America.
  6. Bald eagles screeches are actually pretty week (meanwhile, hawks rock).
  7. Settlers didn't tame the American frontier; it was already pretty tame.
  8. Instead of hot dogs, Lewis and Clark ate 200 actual dogs on their journey across America.
  9. LBJ was notorious for whipping his penis out at extremely inappropriate moments.
  10. Independence Day is actually on July 2.

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Source: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: MorgueFile