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Believe It or Nahh!? Happy Friday Edition!

Believe It or Nahh!? Happy Friday Edition!
Posted February 21st, 2014 @ 9:28am

                                   IT'S FRIDAY! AND WE'RE PLAYING
                                               BELIEVE IT OR NAHH!?

Guess which is the fake headline...

1. New Service Rent-A-Rebound Helps Singles Make Their Exes Jealous

2. Genius Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Weed Dispensary

3. More Wolves found Roaming Around Olympic Village

and the fake one is...#3! There are no more wolves roaming around Olympic Village! That was only a prank from Jimmy Kimmel!! Full Story: CNN

As for the other headlines, They are both true! Genius girl scout was actually selling her girl scout cookies with her mom outside a marijuana dispensary! Not a bad idea, They made those sales! Sold 117 boxes in only two days! Full Story: Huffington Post
Need a Rebound to get over that Ex! Well, It's true! There is an actual service called Rent-A-Rebound and it will make you look like you have moved on with your life and will flood your social media with flirty messages from your fake lover...Full Story: dailymail

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