Do you Believe it!? OR Nahh?

3 Headlines...One is Fake! Guess the fake one!

1. Man Steals $750 In Cash from Girlfriend Eats Most Of It

2. Oscar Mayer Debuts Bacon Scented Alarm Clock

3. Comissioner Finds Proof The Clippers Cheated In Lakers Biggest Lost


#3!! is fake! Comissioner did not find any proof that the Clippers cheated, The Lakers are just not doing so well. Bummer.

As far as the other headlines, Oscar Mayer has in fact dubuted their new bacon-scented alarm clock! How would you like to wake up to some bacon! well, the scent of it. It is a new smell emitting device for the iPhone. Sounds crazy, but it is TRUE! Full Story:WDSUNEWS

Man steals $750 in cash from his girlfriend and then eats most of it...Woah. How bizarre is that...and it is true. A man got in a drunken fight with his girlfriend ended up in a police car, the police heard chewing noises and it was indeed chewing on his girlfriends money. Full Story: NBC6