3 Headlines...One is Fake!?

You guess the fake one! 


1. Norway Teen Gets McDonalds Receipt Tattooed on Arm 

2. Taco Bell Says Canada Will Get Breakfast When You Take Justin Bieber Back 

3. Study Shows Tupac, Elvis, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and Other Stars Alive On Island 

and the fake one is...

This is obviously not true! or hey, you never know right! LOL. Tupac, Elvis, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and other past superstars are not alive on an island. We all wish this could be true but it is false. We actually got this from a beer company called Bavaria Brewery.
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Headline #1 is actually true! A Norway teen did get a McDonalds Receipt Tattooed on his arm. Why!? Well, apparently it was a punishment from his friends because he is "too active with the ladies" whatever that means...He had the choice of a Barbie tat on his behind OR a fast food receipt and so he chose McDonalds!
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As for headline #2, Taco Bell's President Mr. Brian Niccol was answering questions during a celebration for the companies biggest new addition, the breakfast menu! One of the questions during the interview was when a customer asked, "Only in America? When is this coming to Canada?" and Niccol answered with "When you take Justin Bieber back."
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