It's HUMP DAY! We're half way through the week and the weekend will be here before we know it!


Here is today's edition of Believe it or Nahh?!?!

Spot the fake headline!


1. Luxury Loafers With Poop Emoji Cost $340

2.Star Trek Beer Set for Release Later This Year

3. Lakers now have playoffs hope!


And the fake one is.....




Sorry, Lakers fans!!!


Here are your real stories:

No one with a smartphone can deny using the poop emoji at least
once in their texting adventures. We know we all at the I.Es Morning Show have! 
Well now you can buy your very own luxury loafers with your fave emoji on them!
Y'know....if you want to spend $340. Check out the full story for a picture!
Full Story: Beta Beat

Like beer? Like Star Trek? Beer loving Trekkies rejoice! Tin Man brewing in Illinois 
will be producing a beer based on the fictional drink, "warnog," a signature drink
of the Klingon Empire. According to the brewing company, it will be a
"modern Dunkelweizen" with a "mild banana and clove" and a "subtle sweet malt character.
Full Story: Eater