This morning we played some
Believe it OR Nahh!?

3 headlines, One is Fake! 

1. Worlds Most Expensive Dog Fetches $2 Million 

2. Male Strippers Take Down Backstage Thief in Vegas

3. Today is National Extraterrestrial Abductions Day 

and the fake one is...


A dog actually did go for $2 million at a Chinese "luxury pet fair" the breed is a Tibetan Mastiff and is said to be an ancient breed. This dog is 31 inches tall and nearly 200 pounds...Woah! Here's the Full Story: WashingtonPost

As for the Male Stripper and Thief story...This actually happened! In Vegas, and now the thief is in Las Vegas Jail because of it. The thief attempted to steal costumes and props from the male stripper show...Why would you even try!? He had fired a gun at a performer and the shot narrowly missed the performers head. After, the other performers took the thief down and left him with a black eye. Full Story: BigStory

Last but not least...It is in fact National Extraterrestrial Day today!! So, you might wanna keep an eye on the sky today! Full Story: 14news