It's Monday and you know what that means! BELIEVE IT OR NAHH?!

Here are your stories for today:


1. Teens Tell Their Parents "I hate you," 27 Times a Year

2. Study Shows that Eating Out for Dinner Leads to a Longer Life

3. Real Life Breaking Bad Teacher Busted for Cocaine Lab in Home



Can you spot today's fake headline?




It's #2!

There's no official study to prove it, but we like to think it anyways! It may be a Nahh but we want to believe!


Here are your real stories:

  • We all know that teens can say things they don't mean. We are all teens once! The average teen screams at their parents 59 times a year and ignores them 51 times a year and tells them "I hate you!" 27 times. This is all in addition to asking for money 95 with 21 threats to leave home.  Full Story: Mail Online

  • Real-life Walter White, Macphallen Kuwale from Whales was caught with 100 grams of cocaine in his basement as well as tools for producing it. Much like the show, he used an alias ('Mac'). Full Story: The Guardian