3 headlines! One is Fake! Can You Take A Guess??

1. Man Tells Cops He Thought Cocaine Was Legal In Florida.

2. California Couple Finds $10 Million in Buried Treasure.

3. Netflix introduces "Browse Endlessly" Plan.

Which one is fake...Did you take a guess...

#3 is the fake headline! Netflix will not be charging you to browse. That would be crazy!

As for the other headlines, A Man did tell cops that he thought cocaine was legal in Florida! Apparently a man was caught roaming around a resort trying to hide a bag of cocaine. Once the police asked what he had in his hand, He shoved his hands into a flower pot! Full Story: Bradenton

Wow! Whats the craziest thing you've ever found on your property?A California Couple actually did find $10 million as they were walking their dog on their property! Apparently, They found it buried in the shadow of an old tree! The couple chose to remain anonymous. Full Story:TPM