3 headlines...One is Fake! Can you guess the fake headline??

1. Uncle Builds Backyard Luge for Neices and Nephews

2. Man Sues Casino for Letting Him Lose $500K While Blackout Drunk

3. Due to Rise and Theft Price of Girl Scout Cookies on the Rise

What was your guess??

If it was #3 YOU ARE CORRECT!!!

Girl Scout cookies will not be on the rise! As for the other headlines, They are true! A man sueing Las Vegas Downtown Grand Casino for lending him money and then allowing him to lose $500,000 playing table games as he was drunk! Full Story: AP

How awesome does a backyard snow luge sound! An Uncle actually did build a backyard luge for his neices and nephews! They call it the Looney Luge! Full Story: nbcnewyork