3 headlines, One is Fake... 


Can you guess the fake headline??


1. Dad Busted For Picking Up Hooker With Kid In The Car 

2. Studies Say No One Will Ever Stack Up To Your 8th Grade Boyfriend 

3. Busta Rhymes Island Is A Real Place In Massachusetts. 


You'd be surprised they're not all fake!

#2 is the fake headline!

As for the other headlines...A man was arrested in Flordia for picking up a hooker and having his kid in the backseat. Turns Out! the woman was an undercover Police Officer! That's all bad. Full Story:UPI 

Lets take a trip to Busta Rhymes Island!!! Apparently it is real, It's a made up place but real that this super fan came up with in honor of his favorite rapper! It's a 40-by-40 foot plot that is in a pond...Full Story:Complex