3 Headlines, One is Fake! 


1. Hawaiian Cops Agree To Refrain From Sex With Hookers 

2. Teacher Silences Unruly Class By Threatening to Spoil Game of Thrones

3. The Breakfast Waffle Taco Officially Launches at Taco Bell

and the fake one is....

There is no fake one. They are all True! Got ya! 

Hawaiian Cops did actually agree to refrain from sex with hookers...WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!? I'm sure the police feel a bit embarrassed by this whole situation...Full Story:AP 

Game of Thrones Teacher actually did quiet his class down by saying he would spoil future Game of Thrones episodes! He read all the books and knew which characters get killed in future episodes, as he started writing down the characters on the board the class quieted down right away. Full Story: Jezebel 

Last but not least, You can go get a Breakfast Waffle Taco at Taco Bell!!! It launches today! Full Story:TacoBell