It's Thursday! Which means its ALMOST FRIDAY!
As always, its another great day to play BELIEVE IT OR NAHH??

Can you pick out the fake headline?

1. More Adults Would Rather Live Without Sex than Mobile Phones

2. Mexicans banned from naming kids "Rambo" and "Facebook"

3. Today is National Pick-a-New-Parent Day!

And the false one is......drum roll please...


Today is NOT National Pick-a-New-Parent Day and the day doesn't exist. We can't exactly change who brought us into this world (even is mom and dad can be a bit....embarassing at times).

So what about the real headlines?

A new poll shows that 20% of respondants could not live without sex while 73% chose food instead and 26% chose thier mobile phones. Who needs sex when you have food and internet, right? Full Story -- LA Times

Parents in the Mexican state of Sonora are now banned from naming their children "Facebook," "Rambo" or 59 other names. This is all in hopes to prevent some kids for getting bullied who have been given unfortunate names. -- AP