3 Headlines, One is Fake! 

Can you guess the fake headline?? 

1. Black Preschoolers More Likely to be Suspended 

2. Sarah Palin May Actually Get a Chance to See Russia from Her House 

3. Depressed Man Tries to Feed Himself to Tigers, Gets Rejected 

the fake headline is...

#3! is false!
The man wasn't rejected by the tigers. He tried to tease tigers into eating him but he definitely got attacked by one that's for sure. The Zoo Keepers had to actually tranquilize the tigers!! 

As for the other headlines, Sarah Palin might actually get to see Russia from her house. This isn't just a joke after all! Here is why...Full Story:UPI

Also, Black Students are most likely to be suspended from U.S. Public Schools even as Preschoolers...Full Story: BigStory