It is Tuesday Morning and We're playing Believe it OR Nahh??

Guess the fake headline...

1. Vice President Plotting to Take Over Presidency

2. Adult Onesies Poised to Become Fashions Next Big Thing

3. Man Arrested After Trying to Pay Tab With Trillion Dollar Bill
Fake one is #1!!
The Vice President is not plotting to take over presidency we just made that one up!
As for the other headlines, They are definitely odd but true! Adult Onesies actually  might become a thing! Supposedly a "Worldwide Style Phenomenon" Olympians started whaaaat? Yup, Olympians were rocking the onesies and now they have officially started a trend! Full Story: The New York Times  
As for #3 headline, It is true! On Valentines Day a man from South Carolina tried to pay for his meal with a $1 trillion dollar bill at an Applebees! Umm...Full Story: WNEM