Do you Believe It! Or Nahh? 

3 Headlines, One is Fake! 


1. Wrestler Pukes, Submits After Opponent Farts In His Face 

2. Man Kills Adopted Dog After It Looks At Him Funny 

3. Bachelor Juan Pablo Named Most Liked Bachelor 

Which one is FAKE...


#3! is fake! Juan Pablo is NOT the most liked Bachelor as far as we're concerned! He's actually not so liked! Sorry Juan Pablo! 

As for the other headlines, The story about the Las Vegas wrestler is in fact true! The competitor submits after the opponent farted in his face! He yelled "He farted in my face...You farted in my face, man" before he puked on the mat! Full Story: UPI 

The headline about the man who killed his adopted dog is true as well! The man abused the dog in front of eye witnesses. He said he did it because the dog showed "bad energy" when it looked at him. Full Story: NBC2