HUMP DAY!! We have another game of Believe It Or Nahh??

Which headline do you believe is true or false!?

  1. Today is National Break Up & Save Day!
  2. 40% of young adults use social media in the bathroom
  3. Crack Pipe Vending Machines Installed in Vancouver

                                     and the fake one is...

    Today is NOT reallyyy National Break Up & Save Day...but I guess that could make sense since Valentines Day is right around the corner. Save some money, break up for a couple days, reconnect right after Valentines Day! There you saved some money! but this headline is definitely fake! There is no National Break Up & Save Day!

    Now lets take a look at todays REAL headlines...

    40% of young adults do use social media in the bathroom!! You would think that percentage would be higher...Well, It's true! there was a study! and we all do it I'm sure...AP

    You think the Crack Pipe Vending Machines installed in Vancouver is fake??? Well, Believe it! It's True, It's going on in Vancouver and the idea is to improve addicts health and safety...TheGlobeAndMail