Time to Get Your Wednesday Morning Started with The IE's Morning Show and Play... 

Believe It Or Nahh?

  1. Couple Charged After Toddler Calls 911 Fifteen Times

  2. City of Beverly Hills Installs Wine Drinking Fountains

  3. Teen Suffers Burns After iPhone Catches Fire In Pants

Do you know which is the fake story? 


The answer is...

#2, the city of Beverly Hills did not install a wine drinking fountain... but, CAN SOMEONE?! 

That would be amazeballs!!  I say let's have on installed in Corona and make it a beer fountain!  Who's with me?!

So how about those other crazy, but REAL, headlines? 

Here's the story about the teen whose pants caught fire because of her iPhone - USA Today

And the one about the 2 year old who couldn't stop calling the cops - Fox News

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Believe It Or Nahh?

  1. Bank Sends Credit Card Offer to "Lisa Is A Slut McIntire"
  2. Couple Found in Possession of Meth and Frozen Alligators in Florida Home
  3. Local Company Introduces New Take Your Daughter's Friend To Work Day


Do you know which is the fake story?

The answer is...

#3 There is not a day when you can "Take your Daughter's friend to work"

What about those other odd but real headlines??

Here is the story about the couple in Florida that had meth, frozen alligators and other illegal things in their home. News Chief

And the one about a Bank sendinga credit card offer to "Lisa Is a Slut McIntire" instead of her actual name "Lisa McIntire." Gawker