Many young high school girls go to the prom with a football player. But how many actually get to go with a Super Bowl champion?  

Taylor Kirkwood, 18, was one LUCKY girl she  at the Anahuac High School prom in Baytown, Texas, on April 12 when she showed up in a beautiful pink dress with Christine Michael, a running back for reigning Super Bowl champ Seattle Seahawks.
"It was the most magical night of her life," Kirkwood's mother, Stacie Holmes, who asked ChrisTine Michael via twitter who didn't think it would happen "I was just like, we'll see what happens. I know he's busy, and I wasn't sure if he could . . "He was the perfect gentleman. He took her out to dinner before, posed for photos and made the night all about her." 

"I'm just here for Taylor," Michael, 23
Holmes later learned that she had a connection to Michael – he went to high school with her cousin about 50 miles away.