Time to play...Believe It OR Nahh!??

3 headlines...One is Fake! Which one is fake??

  1. Supreme Court to Take Up, Facial Hair, Teeth Whitening Rights
  2. ATM Now Required to be Manned by Human Teller
  3. Pope Accidently Drops F-Bomb During Weekly Blessing

    The fake headline is #2!! Minus well just go into the bank...That would be strange if ATM's had human tellers!

    As for the true headlines...The Pope did accidently drop the F-Bomb! Whaaaat...It happens to everyone, even Pope Francis. He quickly corrected himself but the mistake the Pope made was posted within seconds that it happened! Full Story: NYDAILYNEWS

    Supreme Court will actually take up Facial Hair and Teeth Whitening Rights! In one case, the court will decide whether an Arkansas inmate must be allowed to grow a short beard due to his religous beliefs...Full Story: AP