Lunch Time Tour at Bloomington High School

Bloomington High School  · 

Hey Bloomington High School Students! 99.1 KGGI and the U.S. Army are on their Lunch Time Tour and your school is one of our stops on Tuesday, February 12th, from 10:30a-12:30p! KGGI and the U.S. Army will be loaded down with awesome prizes! The Lunch Time Tour is brought to you by the U.S. Army!

Respect. It's more than a word. It’s an underlying principle of success and humanity. In the U.S. Army, respect is one of our foundation values. It’s the reason we can overcome every obstacle and defeat every foe. So if you are interested in joining a team where respect is earned everyday consider joining our team. And now in addition to earning respect you may qualify to earn up to $40,000 in bonuses. Paid for by the U.S. Army. See if you qualify at .


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