ANOTHER Airline Could Be in Some Hot Water

United Airlines received so much bad press last week after they overbooked a flight and had to force an elderly man off of a plane literally dragging him off. The company was said to have lost nearly $1 billion in market value!

Well it looks like American Airlines didn't learn from this. During boarding in San Francisco it is being reported that an AA employee was in an altercation with a mother and "violently" taking the stroller from the woman, hitting her in the process and nearly hitting her baby.

Video was taken showing the aftermath of the altercation.  

American Airlines has already released a statement stating that the employee involved in the altercation has been "removed from duty." They continue to say that the actions shown in the video do not reflect their company values.

Do you think AA will suffer the same way United did? You can read more on the story here.

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