Someone Put Together An Epic Jay Z/Beyoncé Mash-Up Album

When two of the greatest minds in music come together, it can only mean good stuff. 

A teenager in Orlando figured the exact same thing and put together a Jay Z/Beyoncé mash-up album that can only be described as a pleasant surprise. The kid mixed Bey vocals and Jay beats to create brand new songs that fans of both icons can appreciate.

The 19-year-old producer goes by the name amorphous, and he explained to Complex where the idea to mash-up the couple's individual catalogues came from. 

"I was playing one of Jay's tracks in the car," he said, "and I started to sing 'Formation' over the beat. I immediately rushed home as I knew that I had something interesting on my hands and got to working. I completed it in several minutes, adding some small production elements of my own...I [tried] to find songs that worked together lyrically in some aspects but truly complimented each other."


Check out a teaser for Bey-Z: The Ultimate Beyoncé & Jay Z Mashup Album below:

video via Youtube

photo via Getty

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