People are Bashing Kendall Jenner's New Adidas Ad

Remember when Kendall Jenner was in that Pespi ad that got people fired up? Well now folks are mad at ANOTHER Jenner ad for ADIDAS.

But while the Pepsi ad was an obvious insensitivity to protesters like the Black Lives Matters movement, people are mad at the wrong reasons in this new ad.

Confusing their bias and opinions with bad marketing from ADIDAS, many people commented their disdain for the Jenner/Kardashian family. Many people citing that their just tired of seeing her.

I understand that this family is everywhere. But out of all of them, I feel as if Kendall is the most relatable (if that could even be a thing). Furthermore, she's doing what she does which is modeling. The point I'm making is haters are gonna hate. There's no actual reason to be dogging Kendall here other than your distaste for the family.

That being said, I'm more of a Reeboks man myself!

Check the ad out below and read the comments for yourself.

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