Nintendo's New Announcement: Is It a Waste of Money?

I'm a gamer. A BIG gamer. Also, I love Nintendo. However their latest announcement is a tad bit underwhelming.

With Microsoft and Sony pushing the boundaries on graphics and processing power, Nintendo opted to take low-fi approach. Earlier this week they announced the Nintendo Labo. Which is essentially a cardboard cut-out kit for your Nintendo Switch. You can create a variety of things from a playable piano, RC car or a robot.

Two things though: 1) It's cardboard. 2) It starts out at $70!!

Seems a bit too steep for me to invest in something that may not hold up well after awhile in a child's hands. 

This is just MY opinion though. What do you think? Are these a waste of money or do you think people will still spend it because it's Nintendo?

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