Fan Runs Up On Lil Xan Over 2Pac Comments

Lil' Xan has been under a lot of scrutiny after saying he found rap legend Tupac Shakur's music "boring." Since then, he's sworn off from doing any interviews, was 'banned' from hip-hop by Waka Flocka, and now is being tried by fans.

A young fan, not happy with Xan, pressed him at a meet and greet which almost led to a physical altercation between the two. Even though earlier in the event, Xan tried to clarify is stance on the matter.

While I do see his point, there's just some things you can't say in regards to legends. I've said it on my podcast, that I have trouble listening to a lot of hip hop that came before me, and I am sure this is a similar sentiment. Just a poorly-worded sentiment. Which, to me, is weird because Xan is a Cali native!

Either way, the young fan was not hearing what he had to say.

How long (if ever) will it take for us to forgive Lil Xan?

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