Nike's New 'Dream Crazy' Ad Will Give You Chills

Nike has been in the headlines all week long for making Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th Anniversary. This has been all sorts of controversy because there is a large population in the U.S. that don't agree with the football player's protests. 

I will take the time to give my personal thoughts on the matter: those that don't agree with his protest, usually don't take the time to listen to what he's actually been protesting. Where it has always been about police brutality against people of color, the message has been twisted to where people actually believe he's disrespecting the flag and the military. It's since has turned into a big debacle across this great country of ours. Further removing Colin's original intent of his protests. 

Now I've always been a Reebok guy, so I probably won't be sporting any Nikes anytime soon. However, I really dig the message and the fact that they stood with Colin on the matter. They doubled down with their new "Dream Crazy" ad. You may have seen it on IG. If you haven't though, it will definitely give you chills.

Check it out below.

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