New Cardi B Music Could Diss Nicki Minaj

What I've dubbed, "The Great Beef of 2018" continues on as there are rumors that Cardi B could be releasing new music that takes shots at Nicki Minaj. 

2018 has been a GREAT year for rap beef: Pusha T. vs. Drake, Eminem vs. MGK and of course Nicki vs. Cardi. While many will go the route of "both can co-exist" (which I totally believe and agree with,) I still love to hear a good diss record. 

However, the Barbs versus Bardi Gang has been anything but good. It's been a mess even bubbling to the point of the infamous shoe-throwing altercation at a fashion event in New York not long ago. The problem with the beef is that it has never really been on wax. Which has really bothered me. We've only heard what MAY be subs in the songs, but it's never been confirmed if there were actual disses. If it weren't for the fashion week kerfuffle or Minaj's Queen radio we wouldn't have much proof the beef exists. 

If these two lovely, talented ladies can keep the beef in the songs I don't see an issue. It all will lead up to the two eventually reconciling and doing Motorsport on stage with each other. Right? Well at least I hope.

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