Chester Cheetos Drops Rap Diss

You remember when Wendy's dropped a mixtape that was actually fire ? Well now it looks like Chester Cheetah wants to enter the rap arena.

His target: Doritos. During the Super Bowl, Chance The Rapper and Backstreet Boys teamed up to remix the classic "I Want It That Way" as an ode to Doritos' new flamin' hot nacho flavor.

Obvs, Cheetos has been running the "flamin' hot" game for some time now and feels like Dorito has encroached on their turf.

To me, the bars were very far from "flamin' hot." I guess that's not surprising when this is technically just one big promo run. Seriously though, don't call out Chance THE RAPPER with some weak bars.

All that being said, I will most DEFINITELY be eating some flaming hot Doritos in the near future.

See the video below and let me know what you think.

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