Woman has Toddler-Like Meltdown Because She Has to Sit By Toddler on Plane

It's no secret that everyone worries about sitting next to a toddler on a plane right? Well this Florida woman took it to the EXTREME.

I first saw this on Baller Alert's instagram page. The woman, 32-year-old Valerie Gonzalez, was initially upset about having to sit next to a toddler. Turns out SHE was the one behaving like a toddler having a full-on meltdown in a now-viral video.

She also spews profanities and actually spits at another passenger. Gonzalez was arrested at the airport for battery.

Video is below, but beware it does contain very NSFW language, so listen with earbuds in if your boss is around.

Have you ever seen a meltdown like this or any other weird behavior on a plane?

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