Woman Calls Cops on Man Whose Dog Humps Hers

We've seen this before: Permit Patty, BBQ Becky, etc. People that should be minding their own business, take it upon themselves to disturb other people who aren't harming a soul by calling the cops.

Get ready to add another name to the list: "Dog Park Diane."

The latest culprit from Massachusetts called the cops on a man because his dog humped her dog at a dog park. You read that right.

A dog had humped her dog and she called the cops because of it.

Of course the man, Franklin Baxley, was smart enough to record the situation as we have seen this one TOO many times.

See the video below.

Baxley knew the situation was ridiculous and starts to mock Diane and her friend. He makes the point that if he wasn't black they wouldn't have called the cops.

Police show up to diffuse the situation. The story is still developing but as far as we know there were no arrests or tickets.

What do you think of the situation?

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