Boosie Badazz Claims JAY-Z & Nas Are 'Not Relevant' In Today's Music

Nas, Boosie Badazz and JAY-Z

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Boosie Badazz has chimed in on the debate over Nas' relevance, and also dragged JAY-Z into it.

During an interview Vlad TV published on Tuesday, November 29, Boosie says he understood where 21 Savage was coming from in regards to Nas' importance to today's music landscape. The seasoned rapper believes 21 was referring to Nasir's minimal social media presence during a Clubhouse conversation, in which he claimed the Mass Appeal co-founder is irrelevant. He also said that half of Nas' fanbase "are dead." Later on he brings up JAY-Z's relevance to the current musical climate.

“[Nas] just won a Grammy at that age, last year. His records are still doing great,” Boosie explained. "I think he might be saying relevance to social media...He’s definitely relevant to his fanbase. If he's still making music, he’s still doing that, then he’s still relevant. If he's not on social media and not in everyone's eyes, that's how I took it. I think [21] was looking at it on a young n***a’s perspective.”

21 Savage first ignited the debate last month when he entered a Clubhouse chat about Nas' legacy and told the audience that the Grammy award-winning rapper is "not relevant." Following days of backlash and debates about the situation, Nas and 21 decided to clear the air by hopping on a surprise collaboration "One Mic, One Gun." The record produced by Hit-Boy allowed both of them to speak on the misunderstanding and bury the hatchet. Despite their reconciliation, Boosie thinks 21 had a point. He even went as far as saying Nas' former foe JAY-Z isn't relevant either.

“I just can’t say he’s relevant as far as today’s [music]. … He doesn’t have a Taylor Swift machine behind him,” Boosie said. “I’m telling you. Nas is great, but he doesn’t have the machine, or he’s not listening to the machine that can make him do more numbers.”

“Jay-Z’s not relevant these days for music,” Boosie added after Vlad brought up Hov. “I don’t. If you’re gonna say Jay-Z is relevant and Nas ain’t relevant? No.”

Watch what else Boosie had to say about the debate above.

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