DJ Kwest

DJ Kwest began DJing late 2010 with a great passion for music. Starting off with family events and house parties, Kwest discovered his superb talent and learned the basics of DJing faster than most. Anxious to climb to the top, he started to work for nightclubs, studying the crowd closely to attain methods to get the crowd going. Grabbing tons of attention from his mixes & scratch videos, he gained great support from local DJs and established new friendships, building bridges for the future. He is now one of Orange County’s top DJs due to his ability to spin and fearlessly play music that most wouldn’t. Having the support of his friends, fans & other DJ’s gave him great positive energy and motivation to keep going. Recently, Kwest earned a spot mixing on-air for 99.1 KGGI while looking for more opportunities to come his way.

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