Premiere: Steve Edwards Drops A Dazzling New Album | Born

Talented musician Steve Edwards releases a new album called ‘Born’, an outstanding collection of songs filled with passion, humanity and philosophy. 

The album sees Edwards address the multi-layered realities in his lives while still managing to maintain a melodic masterclass throughout the collection. Perfectly balanced with the heavy lyrics, soothing guitar swirls and profound lyrics, Steve Edwards completely knocks this one out of the park. 

The album Born combines ten of his best songs to date and allows fans around the world to enjoy the artist’s long-form journey of mixed emotions. Full of unprecedented compositions, Steve Edwards manages to evoke his emotional breakthroughs with his commanding words, tunes and sequences. The flagship song is named after the album called “Born,” a song that captures the essence of his ethos and acutely represents the heaviness of the album. In the song, the incredible artist repeats the notion of us, humans, being alone in this world, and yet always makes sure to start his verses with “We,” emphasizing the importance of the collective rather than the individual. 

The single “Happysad” is a beautiful song, a nostalgic one in which the artist describes the juxtaposition of these two contrasting emotions as his voice takes on incredible ups and downs. 

In the months prior to releasing the new album, Steve Edwards has already experienced a substantial level of success with the singles “Fallen” and “Colour of Blood,” which have amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on all platforms. The soft rock musician has a peculiar style of combining genres and melodies, and his work can be compared to the likes of Scorpion, Nickelback and Elton John. 

The New Zealand-based artist is one of the most prominent rising stars from his part of the world and his new body of work shows just that. By combining positive and yet realistic themes to his music, the talented vocalist is set to become a household name in his genre and his new amazing album Born is a testament to that.

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