EPIC: Courteney Cox & Ed Sheeran Recreate Iconic “Friends” Dance

The Last Ship Opening Night Performance

“Friends: The Reunion” finally hit HBO Max on Thursday, and the nostalgia train just keeps on going. Star Courteney Cox and singer Ed Sheeran had a reunion of their own over the weekend, including a nod to “Friends.”

Taking to Instagram, Courteney has posted a video of her and Sheeran recreating “The Routine” – that iconic dance that she and Ross actor David Schwimmer performed on Dick Clark’s “Rockin' New Year’s Eve” show on “Friends.” They totally nail what’s been dubbed the “ReRoutine”… until the end, when she hilariously overshoots the jump into Sheeran’s arms and they fall over.

“Just some routine dancing with a friend…” she captions the video.

Check it out below.

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