Big Sean reportedly cheats on Jhené Aiko!

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UGH! This is the kinda stuff I hate. I've met Big Sean numerous times, and I cant help but feel like this is really just a rumor. But then again I could be wrong. I too, have been cheated on so I have been fooled. 

BUT! Lets break it down real quick. Monday, a rumor leaked that Big Sean had indeed cheated on Jhene Aiko with Nicole Scherzinger at an After Party, Oscar weekend. Now we do not have any proof, but I guess the proof we needed was Jhene unfollowing Sean on Instagram! I personally dont feel like that was enough evidence. But hear my thoughts on this below, and why I feel like these theories on the internet can't be true! 

Who know's, like I said I could be wrong. But it definitely doesnt help the situation any that Jhené does have his face tatted on her. UGH! 

#BigSean was allegedly caught flirting with #NicoleScherzinger at a party and #JheneAiko found out. Today, Jhene unfollowed Sean on Instagram. We all know that’s a BIG deal in relationships. All we can think about is that tattoo of his face that she got last year. 😨 WHAT NOW?

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UPDATE: Jhené took to Twitter to update us, that none of this non sense is true! I KNEW IT! 

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