23-year old Woman is a Full Time Slave to her Sadist Boyfriend!

Wow this is a bit too much for me. 

Not sure if you've heard of the show, Extreme Love. But this show shows all kinds of different scenarios. This one in particular is super odd, but also helpful? I am not sure what word, I should even use. 

A 23-year old woman says that she is a complete submissive to her boyfriend, because it has allowed her to break free from the chains of an eating disorder. Nancy and Jack live a BDSM lifestyle, 24 hours a day! After one year of being "vanilla," the couple insisted that their relationship has improved by taking the constant dominant and submissive roles. 

Although its a good thing that the eating disorder has stopped, do you think this lifestyle is ok? And do you think it really is improving their relationship? 

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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