Chipotle Is Offering Smoked Brisket! But Only For A Limited Time!

Ok Chipotle Fans! We got a new menu item! Smoked Brisket! Which sounds delicious! However this menu item is only available for a limited time! So here are the details so you don't miss trying this!

1- Loyalty Program Members can order this item on Tuesday(two days before the item is officially sold in U.S and Canada restaurants)

2- If you are not a loyalty program member you can order it on Thursday!

3- They tested this item in Cincinnati and Sacramento and have spent 2 years perfecting it!

4- If this is popular enough it can return! A limited menu item, carne asada, returned in 2019 and 2020 due to it's popularity.

Make sure to check out your local Chipotle restaurant to try this brisket!

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