Beyonce's "Homecoming" Is Part Of 3-Project Deal With Netflix Worth $60M

It looks like Beyonce has much more in store for the fans after releasing Homecomingthis week which is a documentary exploring the lead-up to her iconic Beychella performance. According to Variety, Homecoming is part of a three-project deal that Beyonce signed with Netflix worth $60M. 

Beyonce’s role in the documentary serves as an executive producer, writer, and director, and sources say she was paid around $20M.

Beyonce was originally speaking to HBO regarding the 3-part documentary but, Netflix ended up outbidding HBO. 

We don’t know what the next part of the documentary entails but, sources say that it may release sometime next week. Also, stay tuned because Bey's TIDAL-exclusive, Lemonade, will finally be available on all streaming services next week on the three-year anniversary of the project.

And lets clap it up for Miss Beyonce because 'Homecoming' album is heading for top 10 debut on Billboard 200 Chart considering it has only been out for two days.

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