Crazy Headlines: Two Gentlemen Are Now Raising A Plastic Doll Together

Did you figure out which of the 3 Crazy Headlines was the fake story this morning with ODM and EVELYN? If you missed the stories, we do the Crazy Headlines daily at 6:05 am.

Here were this morning's CRAZY headlines:

Flavored Pencils Aimed At People Who Chew On Erasers (FAKE)

Two Gentlemen Are Now Raising A Plastic Doll Together (REAL)

Teen Fakes Own Kidnapping To Scam Mom Out Of $130 (REAL)

More on those REAL Headlines...

Two Gentlemen Are Now Raising A Plastic Doll Together

Families come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in plastic. A New York couple, AJ Sapolnick and Mark Kirby,decided it was time to have a child. Only their child is a plastic doll named Digby Du Pont. 

The retired teacher, Sapolnick and his husband, former dentist Mark Kirby decided to have a baby “that wouldn’t impede our lifestyle.” They have been caring for their child since 1990 and celebrated many of Digby's milestones such as a birthday celebration at the ‘21’ Club and a bar mitzvah at a fancy New York restaurant. 

Their son also gets spoiled with gifts such as Cartier and Rolex watches, trips around the world and dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants. They consider Digby to be a bit entitled but are happy they haven't had to deal with any sort of teen rebellion. 

Source:  New York Post

Teen Fakes Own Kidnapping To Scam Mom Out Of Money

A 19-year-old genius in Sumter, South Carolina named Emmanuel Franklin thought it would be a great idea if he faked his own kidnapping last week. His hope was to extort $130 out of his mom. That's right, his mom. She got a call from an unknown phone number and could hear her son in the background. Then the guy on the phone told her to put 130 bucks in a mailbox at a specific address, or her son would die. However,the entire plan immediately blew up because the dropoff address was at his dad's house. So obviously she recognized it. It's not clear who the other guy on the phone was. Even though the plan didn't go accordingly, what Emmanuel did is technically blackmail in South Carolina. So he's now facing up to 10 years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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