R Kelly Victims Forced To Watch This!!!

R Kelly Appears In Court in Chicago For Status Hearing

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Day 15 of R Kelly’s sex trafficking trial featured testimony from a background performer who alleges that she saw him having sex with Aaliyah when she was either 13 or 14. We also heard from a second man who claimed that Kelly started grooming him for sex when he was 16 and that he was “brainwashed” by the singer from 2007 to 2019. 

  • “Angela” testified that she met Kelz in 1991 when she was between 14 and 15 years old. She toured with him as a background performer, but soon started sleeping with him as an underage high school student. She spoke of how he’d make her and the other background performers “put out” if they broke any of his rules.
  • Angela said she met Aaliyah when she was 13 or 14-years-old, right before she started to work on her debut album, “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number” with R. The singer went on the road with them in 1992 or 1993 to get her feet wet in the industry. Once during that trip, Angela claims she walked in on him performing a sex act on Aaliyah. She “closed the door abruptly” and never brought up what she’d seen. 
  • Meanwhile, “Alex” testified that he’d had “countless” sexual encounters with Kelly and other women at his direction starting when he was 20. Prior to that, he’d seen R at parties and pickup basketball games that he called “Kelly ball” that consisted of getting the ball, rebounding, and letting Kelly shoot at a rec center and a church gym in Chicago.
  • Alex recalled an occasion when R told him he had a gift for him. R had him wait naked and he sent a half-naked woman into the room that was equipped with an iPad and production lights. He made them have sex while he watched and filmed. Alex said that the women – whose names he didn’t know – would appear “zombie-ish.” 

Kelly is charged with nine counts of racketeering and violations of the Mann Act. If convicted on all counts, he faces 10 years to life in prison.

Source:New York Times

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