Nicki Minaj Comes For Remy Ma In New "Make Love" Verse

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma seem to be contributing to a beef that none of us really knew held any weight... Wasn't Nicki aiming pretty strongly at Lil Kim a while back?

But ever since Remy got outta jail and started firing at Minaj, it's been a thing.

Fans labeled Remy Ma's "Wait A Minute (Remix)" a diss track towards Nicki late last year, even though no names were dropped.

Yesterday, Gucci Mane dropped a new track "Make Love" with a pretty intense Nicki Minaj feature on it, which is why fans believe the beef is by no means over. 

Check out the new track below:

“Bitch I’m the greatest, no Kendrick and no Sia / I’m the iPhone, you the Nokia / Everybody know you jealous, bitch it’s so clear / Tell them bum ass bitches to play their role," Nicki raps.

“You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap / You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques."

Kinda crazy since Remy just told Hot 97 that she has no problems with Nicki... “Girl never did nothing to me. … Any person I ever had a problem with or felt any type of way about, I will have no problem saying your name,” Remy Ma said. “I don’t want you sitting there wondering if I’m talking about you…I’m going to say your name, your government name.”


What do you think? Did Nicki take shots at Remy Ma on Gucci Mane's new track?

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