Riverside Woman Arrested After Caught Selling Underage Puppies

photo via ABC 7 news

According to ABC 7 News, a woman was seized Friday afternoon after an undercover officer and a colleague posing as his wife successfully bought two 4-week-old puppies from her.

This all went down in the Eastside Riverside neighborhood at a home on Pleasant Street. 

The woman was cited with a misdemeanor infraction for each puppy for the unlawful sales, seeing as the legal age for sale is 8 weeks or older.

So sad! If you're going to buy a pupper, please make sure you find a reputable breeder who stays within the guidelines for healthy breeding. Puppy mills and sketchy breeders are the reason we have so many sickly and overpopulated dog breeds. 

So we can have more times like these...

Read more of the story via ABC 7 News!

And PLEASE make sure to find your new best friends in a safe and ethical way!

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