Big Sean's Mogul Prep Tour Will Help Students Get Into The Entertainment Industry

Shout out to Big Sean on this one!

The Detroit rapper will be hosting four different workshops while on his "I Decided" tour as part of his Mogul Prep program, alongside his mom Myra Anderson.

The progam will educate young people on the entertainment industry, teaching them how to be a boss, essentially. He'll also be teaching them skills that will translate to any professional setting.

“Basically, what we did was introduce some jobs to these kids in different ways in the music industry and how you can be involved. It's me on the stage, but there's about 30 other people who are working for me to be on that stage,” Sean told Billboard. “When I grew up, all I had was a TV. All I wanted to be was a rapper. All I wanted to be was a musician but if I had known these kind of things, who would have known the possibilities for me and my crew around me, and what we could have done to take it further? I know the unemployment rates are super high in Detroit, especially for the young ones. We're trying to really help that out and give them clear career paths that are needed, and that they probably have natural talents for.”

This seriously sounds so dope!

Wanna take a class? Check out the schedule below:

Mogul Prep Tour

April 1: Detroit, Michigan at Fox Theater

April 8: Silver Spring, Maryland at The Filmore

April 18: Atlanta at Tabernacle

April 20: Miami at The Fillmore

Read more via Complex.

photo via Getty Images

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