2 Looks You Need To Own This Summer!

Hey fashionistas! 

Here are a couple looks we should all own this summer!
Best part about these looks? You can wear them to different occasions!!!...Which I personally love. I mean who doesn't like repeating their favorite outfits?...I know I do, especially if not enough people saw me in it!
Dress up these looks by adding a fancy purse/clutch or by wearing your favorite heels!

Don't worry, you can also dress them down by wearing gladiator sandals or rocking some cute flats if you aren't into wearing heels. 

I personally say WEAR HEELS

Oh, we are just going to a small BBQ? Cool! I'll still rock these heels, as a friend of mine once said, " Find the inner fox in you"!  
That being said, this summer lets take a few fashion risks to help us become a little more confident.
Why not? Do it for yourself, and you know to simply stare at your reflection!

Now, ladies and gents with every look you wear you must and I repeat MUST always wear accessories.

Bracelets, necklaces, rings, head pieces, hats and sunglasses..yes! 

You read right, sunglasses! 

Make your outfit pop and throw on those shades.

Wear an outfit that makes you feel SEXY, CONFIDENT AND CLASSY!

Photographer: @iamlupelupi

Model: @zaienn

Follow my personal account @marilynjasmine for more details!

Until next time fashionistas!

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