The Craziest Prom Entrances (So Far!) (VIDEO)

There's nothin' like a good Prom entrance! 

Like this Coming To America theme this couple went with (keep scrolling left)...

They even has their own Snapchat filter!

Now, I know that Prom has become an even bigger deal since the introduction of social media into our everyday lives, so I get it! 

You want everyone to see your dress, your suit, your hair, your ride, your nails, etc. I do, however, believe that way too much time and money is going into the "before" prom events than the actual dance itself, which is supposed to be the whole point!

Here's what I looked at my senior prom in 2011 (I'm wearing purple)...

That was it! We stood outside by my friend Jacob's pool and took pictures! 


Where'd ya'll get the car??!

And the HEARSE?!!!

Then there's this one, where a girl's father recorded his baby girl walking up to Prom with an entire marching band behind her.

This Disney Princess-themed entrance went down last year, and had some people worried that maybe things were going a little bit too far (cuz how'd you get a whole ambulance?)...

This one from 2015 is pretty legit.

This girl who wanted to be a giant Barbie...

And maybe you love Camels and wanna show all of your classmates just how cool they really are.

Star Wars fans, this one's for you!

And do you remember this Beyonce "Formation" entrance that went viral last summer??

I still watch it sometimes...

There are hundreds of other examples, and I'm sure it'll only get crazier!

What's your favorite Prom entrance so far?

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