Watch Katy Parry's Super Awkward 'SNL' Performance With Migos

Katy Perry was this weekend's guest performer on Saturday Night Live, performing her two latest singles "Swish Swish" and "Bon Apetit" alongside Migos.

While she's been in the media quite a bit lately for her recent tendencies to culturally appropriate Hip Hop, alongside the same lines as Miley Cyrus circa 2012, she's also been in the throws of releasing a ton of new music. 

What fans weren't expecting, however, were the performances that went down Saturday night. Fans are describing them as both awkward and under-choreographed.

Check out her performance with Migos below:

Here were some reactions:

AND THEN there was her performance of "Swish Swish", which left the LGBTQ community kinda confused. It had a little bit of everything, vogue-ing, viral dance phenomenons, Beetle Juice outfits, but not everyone was happy with it.

Check it out below:

Weird, right?

On top of that, a photo began to go viral of Perry posing with Migos that made things even worse.

How do you feel about the performance?

Also shout out to The Rock for hosting this weekend's show! I love that man so much.

videos via Youtube

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