Lil Yachty Apologizes For Hilarious Lyric On His New Album

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This HAS TO be the funniest that's happened in 2017 so far!

I love Lil Yachty. I love his energy, his optimism, his grind. He's a cool dude! But, he may not be the smartest... and that's OK. We all have those moments!

But this blonde moment Lil Yachty just had may go down in the history books...

The emcee's new album Teenage Emotions just dropped last week (May 26th) and there's a pretty big flaw on one of his songs. The lyric is:

"My new b*tch yellow, She blow that d*ck like a cello"

Now, for those of you who are musically inclined (and for most people who are not), we know that a cello is not an instrument you blow into.... it's more like a giant, standing violin if anything. But, no one told Lil Yachty that. Ever. Not even his management warned him that a cello was not what he had in mind. 

Messed up, for real.

After hearing back from the entire world that he'd screwed up that lyric, Yachty has now apologized to his fans and explained what happened. 

He thought Squidward played the cello this whole time!

I truly to blame his management, though. Either they didn't care or they thought it'd be funny to watch him go down in flames. Not cool.

At least he knows now! And we still love you, Yachty!

(BTW, Squidward plays the clarinet, not the flute).

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