The Game Shares Super Sweet Father's Day Post & We're Crying


Love this so much!

Celebrities and us average folk alike are sharing beautiful posts about the father figures in their life, but The Game's is honestly so beautiful. 

"I made a promise to God & myself that I would dedicate my entire life to seeing that my child had everything needed to survive in this krazy world we live in....," Game wrote. "Any man can lay with a woman & get her pregnant... but it takes a REAL MAN to be there day in & day out for his own children taking stress off of that woman so that she may be at her best... & that is what it takes to successfully raise a child. Consistency, communication, dedication, support & mostly LOVE amongst all other things."


Check out his full post below, complete with adorable photos of sons King and Harlem, and daughter Cali. 


*ugly cries*


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