According To A Journalist, THIS Is Why You're Obsessed With Disneyland

Walt Disney World Resort Celebrates 45th Anniversary to Colorful Fanfare

I love reading stories like this!

Ever wonder why you're a grown man/woman with no kids and still find yourself buying a season pass to Disneyland, religiously watching Disney movies, or having a giant collection of Winnie The Pooh stuffed animals in a glass case in your living room? 

According to La Times journalist Todd Martens (who's also addicted to all things Disney), it's a collection of a few different things. Most notably: humans' love for all things 'nostalgia' AND the fact that Disneyland may heighten certain parts of your personality, acting, in a lot of ways, like cosplay.

"This is your brain on Disneyland: A Disney addict's quest to discover why he loves the parks so much," the title of the article reads. He interviewed former head of Walt Disney Imagineering Marty Sklar, USC professor of psychology Irving Biederman, and clinical psychologist Andrea Letamendi to get his answers. 

It's a must-read!

Check out the article below:

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