Outback Steakhouse Denies Illuminati Ties Following Hilarious Rumors

Wait, what??!

Apparently there's this crazy theory going around that popular restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse has ties to the Illuminati. All this according to Twitter user @eatmyaesthetics who spent their time connected the dots (literally).

"Wtf is Outback Steakhouse planning."

The Twitter user was able to connect all Outback Steakhouse restaurant locations into the shape of a pentagram (or maybe just a star??) in multiple different cities, and the tweet went VIRAL.

It currently has over 115k retweets and and 280k likes.

Granted, @eatmyaesthetics wasn't the one who claimed OS had ties to the Illuminati, but that didn't stop the rest of Twitter form making their own assumptions.

People began to connect the restaurants in their own cities, which all connected into awkwardly shaped "pentagrams" as well. 

All this led to Outback Steakhouse addressing the crazy theory after, I'm sure, they continued to get a ton of weird mentions and notifications. 

 The Daily Dot shared a statement Outback provided to the publication in response to the Illuminati claims.

“‘No plans,’ the company told The Daily Dot in response to the Illuminati claims. When asked specifically if Outback was plotting anything nefarious, ‘Other than to bring bold steaks and Bloomin’ Onions to our guests!’” 

Ya'll are weird.

Source: Complex

photo via Getty

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